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Creative Ideas for Self-Quarantine with Kids

Creative Ideas for Self-Quarantine with Kids

By Rhyan Davis


If you’ve already been home for a few days and are tired of watching Netflix, here are a few extra ways to spend your time.

Having all of your kids in the same place at the same time is the perfect opportunity to teach them a useful skill like laundry or cooking a meal. Try writing your laundry tips down and displaying them in the laundry room. Have each child sort, wash, and fold his own laundry for a few days to get the hang of it. You could also teach your kids how to cook an old family recipe (or even something simpler, like a grilled cheese). Let them gather and measure the ingredients and make the meal together. That’s one less meal you have to prepare by yourself!

Next, try having your kids teach you something. It could be how to build the tallest LEGO tower, how to play a favorite video game, or how to care for a baby doll. Let them take over and have you step into their worlds. Let yourself be a kid for a few hours… it might even bring back fond memories from your own childhood memories!

Now is also an awesome time to go through old family photo albums with your kids. Maybe they’ve never seen their own baby pictures, or would love to see you as a child! You could show your kids the wedding pictures that have been sitting in a drawer for years and tell them stories from your special day. Looking at old photos is a wonderful way to commemorate happy times and remember family members that are no longer with us. Don’t just stick to photos—pull out the old home videos, too! They’re sure to bring a smile to every family member’s face.

If you’ve really run out of ideas, check online for new resources becoming available every day. Several museums are offering virtual tours and artists are posting arts and craft video lessons. This is a good compromise between the screen time your kids are begging for and the educational value that’s important to you.

No matter how you spend this unusual time, be thankful for the blessing of extra moments as a family. This won’t last forever—you may look back and wish you’d spent these days creating memories instead of worrying so much. Remind your kids that it’s natural to be afraid and uncertain, but that your family will come out stronger together on the other side. Wishing your families health and wonderful time spent together!

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