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Loving Our Neighbors During Social Distancing

Loving Our Neighbors During Social Distancing

By Cindy McMullen


Here we are with beautiful weather and no time commitments. Isn’t that your dream Saturday? It is certainly mine. As unfortunate and inconvenient as the world’s circumstances are at present, they have provided some time to reflect and embrace the slower days we always hope to have “in a couple of weeks.” I have been so thankful for all the resources on family activities that are circulating the web. We have benefitted from worksheet printables and scavenger hunt ideas. With four kids already at home and a neighborhood blossoming with flowers, we have a little gang at our house and haven’t felt too much lack in things to do. However, we have sincerely missed playdates and neighborhood bikes rides. We have missed seeing our friends.


As we embrace new activities, let’s reflect together on how we are loving our neighbors during this season of social distancing. We can’t share meals at the same table and our kids can’t play, but our consideration and efforts towards our neighbors and loved ones do not have to be limited. When your child sees their neighborhood friends, instead of them hearing, “no,” let’s try giving them an alternative. Send videos. Let your kids write emails. Send pictures with your children holding a special message. Facetime grandparents. Facetime Friends. Facetime cousins, aunts and uncles. Drive by your friends’ houses who are quarantined and wave from the car. When you hear of someone who is down with the virus, drop off a meal for them and a card to brighten their sadness. Send e-giftcards for missed birthdays and showers, or just because. Write letters. Play charades across yards. Call a friend to catch up and share a glass of your favorite beverage during the phone call.


Now is not the time to stop living in community, but it is the time to find new ways to do it. Kids need to see us loving one another even when it takes extra creativity. Our hearts need to love and be loved during this season of uncertainty. Who knows how long all of this will last? Don’t put off being intentional with neighbors and loved ones until the regulations are lifted. Don’t put off teaching our children how to love even when it isn’t easy. Let’s reflect on our hearts and what we need and then embrace the creative ways that we can follow the golden rule to fill the hearts of our neighbors and loved ones.


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