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D’Lo Water Park – a natural pool, open all year long

D’Lo Water Park – a natural pool, open all year long

It’s still nice and hot in Mississippi, but many public pools are already closed. What better time than now to check out D’Lo Water Park?

Don’t be fooled by the name, like I was. It’s not a water park with lazy river, slides and pools of various shapes and sizes. D’Lo Water Park is a natural pool of water on Strong River, and it is located right in the middle of a wooded park, surrounded by rocks and trees. And it’s beautiful!

D’Lo is only about a 40-minute drive from Jackson. There is no admission or parking cost. The park offers kayaking, camping, and fishing bait – and all of that does come with a price. But if you’re coming to enjoy the park for a few hours, you’re welcome any day! (Although it’s a good idea to call ahead of time and make sure the park is open for visitors.)

There are picnic tables and you can bring hot dogs to grill. Families can spend their time exploring the nature, playing on one of the two playgrounds, fishing, and, of course, swimming! This would be a perfect location for a family photoshoot, too. 

The water isn’t too deep, so it shouldn’t be cold when you go. There are a few important things that need to be mentioned:

  1. The current is VERY strong in the river. Only go in if you’re a good swimmer. Children should be supervised at all times. 
  2. We saw a few families using float rings and water mattresses to float on them and “ride” them down the current. While that looked like a ton of fun, that would only be fun for taller kids and good swimmers. The current is too strong for the little ones to play in.
  3. No matter how old you are, a life vest would be a good idea. Everyone would be able to enjoy the water more with one on.
  4. I would recommend wearing water shoes, since the bottom of the river is rocky and sharp in some areas. Plus, it may get slippery.
  5. My kids had a lot of fun hopping from one rock to another. If you don’t feel like swimming, even just that would be an exciting activity for your kids to engage in, along with some splashing.

    P.S. Donna’s #6 Produce is a great pit stop along the way to enjoy some homemade ice-cream and pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Know & Go


D’Lo Water Park
135 D’Lo Park Road
D’Lo, MS 39062

(Follow the signs!)

Cost: Free 

Contact Information: 

Park Director – Patricia Smith
Phone number: 601-847-4310
More details on the website 


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Dasha is originally from Ukraine (it’s in the heart of Europe, look it up on the map if you want!) and moved to Mississippi with her family in September 2017. Before that she lived in Massachusetts and Maryland. She guesses they have a thing for “M” states. She is a writer, an editor, a teacher and the type of mom that never sits still. Being part of Parents & Kids has been helpful for her goal of finding places to explore with her kids, getting plugged in and her family becoming true Mississippians.

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