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Parents & Kids’ Newest Friend: Get to Know Ed Said

Parents & Kids’ Newest Friend: Get to Know Ed Said

“Being healthy keeps you focused…. it’s not hocus pocus.”

Q: Do you go to school, Ed?

A: Yes, I go to Elementary School right here in Mississippi.

Q: What do you like to eat?

A: I am a healthy eater. Go to my website to see all of my fun videos about good things to eat. My website is

Q: How do you stay healthy?

A: If you eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and get plenty of exercise, you will be healthy and strong.

Q: How do you figure out what to eat?

A: I look through different recipes, pick one and then make a delicious, healthy meal. I have recipes on my website, too.

Q: What do you think about reading and math?

A: Reading and math are super important. When you eat healthy, it helps your brain to be smarter. Plus, you can read all the recipes on your own and measure the ingredients just right.

Q: What can we expect to see from you every month in Parents & Kids Magazine?

A: I will be sharing all sorts of fun recipes with you. And there will be a new activity each time. The best part is I will be asking you to help me build my recipe book. You can send me your special recipe and we will share it at Plus, you can send in any question you’d like to ask me about school, eating healthy or other topic.

Send recipes and questions to Ed Said at MPB, 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson, MS 39211 or send an email to


Melon Ball Salad


¼ cup orange juice

¼ cup lemon juice

2 teaspoons sugar or sugar substitute

1 cup cantaloupe balls

1 ½ cup watermelon balls

1 ½ cup honeydew balls


Combine orange juice, lemon juice and sweetener into a small bowl or cup. Stir. Then, combine melon balls in a medium size bowl. Pour the fruit juice mixture over the salad. Stir with large spoon. Refrigerate for two hours until chilled.

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