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P&K How To: How to Select Pest Control

By Rhyan Davis

During these humid summer months ahead, bugs and rodents can be a little too close for comfort. Mosquito bites can put a damper on family time, and rabbits, although adorable, can destroy the garden you worked so hard on. Termites and mice can even cause damage to your home. Not only can pests cause you and your family discomfort, they can also be a threat to your health. We’ve all seen the Pinterest-worthy DIY methods of pest control, but sometimes, it’s necessary to bring in the professionals. Here are a few tips to select the perfect pest control service for your home.

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Has anyone you know also struggled with pests? Get names of pest control services from people you trust in your area. This is an easy way to see if a certain service will fit your lifestyle and it can narrow down your list of potential pest control services.

Call the pest control services on your short list. This is the time to get quotes and ask any questions you may have about scheduling or other policies. If you need someone to start immediately and they are booked for the next two months, they are probably not the right service for your family. Phone calls also give you the chance to see if the professionals will listen to your concerns and address them with care.

Get it in writing. Once you have decided which pest control service best fits your family’s needs, save potential hassle by making sure that everything you have agreed to is part of your contract and that both parties have signed it. Make a copy of the contract for your records.

Professional pest control services can prevent potential issues and provide huge benefits to your family, especially during hot Mississippi summers. These tips will ensure that your family can spend the coming months in pest-free peace

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