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Random Stuff That Rocks: Dabbawalla Lunch Bag

Random Stuff That Rocks: Dabbawalla Lunch Bag

Mission: find a lunch bag that is lightweight, sturdy, easy to clean, keeps food cold, holds a drink, has sturdy handles, has a cool design, and will generally survive a school year of rough daily use by a kid. After weeks of research we are happy to say: it exists! Dabbawalla lunch bags are crafted from innovative foam textile that is degradable, recyclable and 100% toxic-free. Insulating material helps keep food safe. A mesh pocket holds an ice pack (not included). Lunch bags are machine washable (yay!). There are over 30 adorable designs to choose from. You can get your child’s name embroidered on the back for extra $6 if you order from official website. $20 and up

Use code SAVE20 to save 20% off your order of $25 or more (excludes outlet store).


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