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Random Stuff That Rocks: Genius Kit by Osmo

Random Stuff That Rocks: Genius Kit by Osmo

This is a different type of fun. Think traditional wooden puzzles, drawing with crayons and playing with words and numbers on flashcards combined with digital gaming. It isn’t “either-or”, it’s both! Genius Kit transforms your iPad into a hands-on learning tool, and core subjects, like math and spelling – into fearless fun. Osmo encourages visual thinking, problem solving, and creative drawing skills. The games are designed for kids 5 to 12 years old. The kit comes with the Osmo Base (stand & reflector), game playing pieces (including upper and lower case Word’s tiles) and stackable storage containers. Requires iPad to play. Hours of educational entertainment guaranteed. To better understand how it works, check out videos and descriptions on

$99 | Amazon, Target or Best Buy


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