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Random Stuff That Rocks: CozyPhones

Random Stuff That Rocks: CozyPhones

Finding headphones that your child will be comfortable wearing is tricky! The regular earbuds are too big for their little ears, and won’t stay in. The plastic ones over the head easily break and slide off. CozyPhones eliminate these problems. Whether for playing educational games on the tablet or watching a movie in the car during a road trip – these headphones are delightful to use: easy, soft, cute! Grownups can benefit from these, too. Regular headphones are great for everyday activities, but some like to sleep with calming music or to the sounds of the ocean. If your partner doesn’t share your love of white noise, try CozyPhones. They are certainly a lot more pillow-friendly than any other type of headphones. 

P.S. Take advantage of free shipping when ordering from the official website. Prices vary depending on style and size. 

$17.97 and up | or


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