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Cool Kids Week

Cool Kids Week

We are excited to announce the names of our “Cool Kid” contest winners! Some of them showed incredible academic success or were able to overcome a hardship and come out stronger. Others spend their free time volunteering and doing community work, helping the homeless and taking care of abandoned pets. These children’s stories inspire, encourage and give hope. We are thrilled to share them with you.

Friday: Laura Williams

Laura is a K-12 Mississippi Scholastic Chess championship player. She has also competed in chess tournaments in Tennessee and Louisiana. Although she is only nine years old, she has been competing in tournaments since the age of five, making chess her passion. Her latest win was at the 2018 MS State Team Chess Championships at Miss State University, where she placed 4th in the K4 Division. Other wins this 2017-18 school year included the 5th Annual Catfish Classic Scholastic Chess Tournament (2nd place), 2018 Pawns & Pajamas Chess Tournament (3rd place), and the West TN Scholastic Chess Tournament (4th place). Laura learned the game of chess from watching and playing against her older brother Jamari. Laura is a 3rd-grader and an honor student in the gifted program at Gary Road Intermediate School and attends Salem MB Church, where she is a youth member.

Thursday: Juzale, Myuna, and Tamarcus Blalock

Juzale, Myuna and Tamarcus are siblings who joined forces with MSGW to do an annual “Can You Spare Some Change” campaign to feed the homeless. The day of the campaign their goal was to collect as much change as possible. Then they went to a local Sonic restaurant to use the money collected to purchase all the $0.50 corndogs they could pay for. After that they hit the streets of Jackson to hand those corndogs out to the community. The kids are involved in community service and volunteer for a homeless pet ministry. They are in 3rd, 9thand 10thgrades.

Wednesday: Mary Murphy Brady

Mary helped to rally her community and Girl Scout troop to rebuild the local dog park after the most recent tornado demolished it. She participated in fundraisers and was instrumental in establishing a Free Little Library at the dog park. Mary is a 3rd grader in Petal Elementary.

Tuesday: Katherine and Noah Burrell

Both Katherine and Noah love working for Jesus and helping people. They collect donations for Parchman crusade and Christmas shoe boxes. They love feeding the homeless and praying for them. They are willing to help anyone and everyone they can. Katherine and Noah are both homeschooled and are in 1stand 2ndgrades.

Monday: Elijah Marascalco

Elijah has been a sensory baby from birth. He’s always been mortified of movement that he didn’t control. He had tried skating when he was 4, but was terrified and refused to move. Two years ago, his family took him to a skating rink and made him try again. Elijah was finally convinced by his Mom’s words: “If you don’t like it after giving it an honest try, I’ll never ask you to try again. But it’s not ok to never try anything out of fear.” That day he skated around the seats on the carpet for three hours. A couple days later, he asked to go back! For 5 weeks he practiced skating on the carpet before he got brave enough to get out on the floor. Now Elijah enjoys his weekends on the skating rink, spending 7-8 hours a weekend there. He can skate forward, backwards, sideways, and now he also loves to do the races. He finally found something he loves more than he fears. He is a true testament that sensory kids can face and overcome their fears, igniting a lifelong passion. Elijah is a homeschool student and is in 6thgrade.


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