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DIY Birthday Party Tips

DIY Birthday Party Tips

Try these Do-It-Yourself birthday party tips:

  • Make CDs to give as party favors.
  • Have each child bring a wrapped book and do a book swap. This serves as the birthday gifts and the party favors!

  • Have the kids make a craft, and let that be the party favor as well.
  • Record interviews with the birthday boy/girl with each of the party guests and give copies to the guests as party favors.
  • Have a “Bring Your Own Vehicle” party with bikes, tricycles, Big Wheels, and other riding toys.
  • Let the party guests decorate their own cupcakes or build their own ice cream sundaes.
  • Buy a plain cake from a local bakery, and then decorate it yourself using figurines, paper cutouts, etc.
  • Make your own banners from scrapbook paper, cardstock, and ribbon. Then reuse them for your other parties.
  • Let the party guests create their own personal pizzas.
  • Find someone who works with animals and would give a free presentation (though a donation would probably be appreciated).  This could be the theme/entertainment for your party.   Example:

Thanks for the tips, Anne Albritton, Sabrina McConnell, Angie Wade, Stephanie Anderson-Edwards, Melanie Alvarez, Jennifer Deaton, and Percy King!

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