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Moms: Rejuvenate for a Fresh, New Year!

Moms: Rejuvenate for a Fresh, New Year!

While reading through online articles by Glamour Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, and, I’ve found some special remedies for some much-needed rejuvenation. As the first days of 2018 are here, moms needing a fresh start to the new year –and a break from the stresses of raising kids — can try these fixes for a physical refreshing.


All the supplies needed to treat yourself are available right here in ordinary Delta-region stores; there’s nothing fancy required to give yourself a nice pampering break.

Moms, if you prefer to share the experience instead of making it “me time,” there’s the option to turn these ideas into a spa date with your little girls for an awesome mommy-daughter day. This do-it-yourself at-home spa treatment will have you feeling renewed and ready to work toward your 2018 goals right away.

On its online site, Glamour Magazine compiled 13 awesome spa treatment ideas by beauty experts. One of them was taken from Lifestyle blogger Julia Coney, who has been concocting her own body scrub ever since her grandmother taught her to make it at seven years old. Though sugar scrubs are sold in stores, Coney finds it more pleasing (and of course, it’s usually more affordable) to stir up one cup of brown sugar, a cup of uncooked oatmeal and a cup of olive oil.

Mothers, you can softly rub this mixture into your skin using a slow circular motion, as this technique is similar to a soothing massage. It will begin to reveal a new, smooth layer. You’ll need to stand on a towel to prevent the scrub from dripping onto the floor. When you are all covered, rinse off in the shower to get your desired result: deeply moisturized skin.

Next, get out your comfy cotton robe to put on after showering and focus on a way to put an end to the dryness on your hands that naturally comes with the harsh winter weather. India JewelJackson, a beauty maven featured in the Glamour Magazine compilation, shared a remedy that oddly requires rubber gloves.

The ingredients for this magical moisturizer include two or three spoons of cold cream, an oldfashioned product that can be found in any Walmart, KMart or ordinary discount store. It is used for makeup removal and encouraging smooth skin. Add two drops of tea tree oil, a spoonful of olive oil, a banana for a sweet scent, and five drops of lavender oil. All these items will go into a blender to be stirred into a brew looking much like a smoothie. Spread the mix freely all over the hands and cuticles of your fingernails. Then, slide on the cleaning gloves. If you’re looking to
get those hands super soft, place a heating pad over your gloves. You will want to give this process some time to take effect, so why not entertain yourself with some television watching?

To take your DIY spa treatment a step further, take these manicure tips collected from a Women’s Health Magazine online article which spills some great mani hacks offered by Miss Pop, a nail artist based in New York City.

One piece of advice Miss Pop shares is to choose only one direction to file your nails. You could swipe your nail in the forward direction repeatedly, instead of swiping back and forth, which will eliminate that nail peeling that frustrates you. When you make it to the nail-painting stage, you’ll want your nails to dry quickly because you have other things to do. So rather than putting on one thick coat of the polish, spread on two light coats, and do one last spread after all your nails are painted.

Sometimes, you feel the urge to show a little more love to your feet. You need them feeling good in order to do just about everything you do as a mom, so you might as well show them some TLC!

A fancy 30-minute foot spa could be the perfect solution. advises you to soak your feet in warm water with a cup of Epsom salt, a peppermint tea bag and a bag of chamomile tea to re-energize two of the most important parts of your body. That way, you won’t have to worry about any moping around when it’s time to get the children ready and off to school on time.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for self-pampering in the new year!

Melody Dixon is a 24-year-old freelance journalist and grace revolutionist who resides in Clarksdale, Mississippi. She earned her bachelor’s degree in print journalism from the University of Mississippi and enjoys keeping up with the latest in popular culture, especially fashion and feminism.

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