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Learning Style Homework Help

Learning Style Homework Help

Auditory Learners

  • Learn best by hearing information explained
  • Like to speak in class (groups)
  • Good at explaining details
  • Record spelling words or math facts on a digital device and playback
  • Watch audio/video clips that connect to subject matter
  • Talk concepts out (with friends or by yourself)
  • Act out concepts
  • Use rhythm or rhymes (mnemonics) 



Visual Learners

  • Learn by watching and repeating
  • Learn in quiet spaces
  • Like color and charts
  • Write spelling words or math facts in shaving cream on a cookie sheet.
  • Color-code notes to represent subtopics
  • Study in bright(er) light
  • Hang poster board on a blank wall. Create color coded concept maps to connect ideas.
  • Take detailed, list form notes (or create them later) with plenty of space for visual organization


Kinesthetic Learners

  • Learns best by using their hands
  • Fidgets during lectures
  • Learns with distractions (music, conversation)
  • Use letter and number magnetsto practice spelling words or math facts
  • Doodle symbols on notes to represent content
  • Stand while studying or writing
  • Use highlighters or a pencil to underscore important information
  • Create flash cards, then tape them on walls so they can be moved around to create connections


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