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A Not So Material Christmas

A Not So Material Christmas

Discovering the last Cabbage Patch doll hidden in a filing cabinet at Roses in Pearl is a Christmas shopping story from nearly 30 years ago that my mom still recalls. Back then, purchasing Christmas gifts entailed numerous hours spent in stores, and detailed planning, not to mention the time in the car driving from one location to another.  Thanks to the Internet, however, Christmas shopping today seems almost trivial when compared to the past. With one gentle touch, our entire Christmas list can ship for free from without even leaving the comfort of our homes. 

Similar to the ease with which these Christmas gifts are purchased, they find their way to donation bins, yard sells, or the dreaded garbage can. Rather than gifting an object that will eventually become the victim of a home declutter attack, this Christmas, think outside the box and consider gifting memories and experiences. For these gifts create lasting impressions to be cherished always. 
Zoo / Museum Memberships

In addition to a zoo membership, Jackson offers a variety of museum memberships that would make the perfect gift for a family. Children love the Mississippi Children’s Museum, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, and the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum. All of these offer special events throughout the year, and members receive announcements and other information concerning events. A membership to one of these allows a family to visit an unlimited number of times throughout the year making the enjoyment of this gift limitless! 
Amazon / Netflix / Apple Music Subscriptions

For adults or young adults, an Amazon, Netflix, or Apple Music subscription could be the gift that gives daily. Amazon Prime not only offers free two-day shipping and exclusive items only available to members but also music and video streaming. For movie lovers, according to their website Netflix provides an “extensive global content library featuring award-winning Netflix originals, feature films, documentaries, TV shows and more”. Some may prefer music to video, and for those, Apple Music makes the perfect gift allowing subscribers to listen to any song from the music library and create personal playlists without nuisance ads.
Classes / Lessons

For the child that loves to cook, consider a cooking class at The Everyday Gourmet, for the one that loves twirling, perhaps a dance class, for the musically gifted one, perhaps piano lessons or Kindermusic classes. Lessons or classes are not limited to children; even adults can enjoy a dance class or a cooking class at The Farmer’s Table in Livingston. 

Movie theater tickets provide an entertaining evening for an individual, couple, or family, but tickets to a concert or show provide an unforgettable experience. Ticketmaster lists events in chronological order by area to make searching simple. Worried about conflicts? No need—Ticketmaster offers insurance so that refunds may be issued if the ticketholder must unexpectedly cancel. From Disney on Ice to the Tony Award winning musical Hamilton, tickets to an event provide memories and an experience that will not be long forgotten.
Rather than seeing your gift curbside in a couple of years, look for the Instagram stories, tweets, or Facebook posts documenting the special memories made because of the not so material Christmas gift that you chose to give.


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