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Delta Aquatic Club: Keep Kids Healthy with Year-Round Swimming

Delta Aquatic Club: Keep Kids Healthy with Year-Round Swimming

While most of my friends learned to swim in water where you couldn’t see your feet at the bottom, my brother and I grew up with a swimming pool just down the road from our house. We weren’t allowed to go into the pool without adult supervision, of course, but that didn’t stop us most of the time.

We grew up loving to swim and we both learned to do it not long after we learned to walk. To this day, there’s nothing better to me than a hot day and a cool pool.   
However, as an adult, I realize the cost of my own personal backyard pool is not feasible. Besides, the Mississippi Delta doesn’t provide the best land to install an inground pool, anyway.  
So, our family has resorted to hotel pools, the pools of friends or neighbors, or places such as Twin Rivers or Delta Aquatic Club. It was painfully apparent with my own kids that I did not have the ability or the patience to teach them to swim. Therefore, DAC and Twin Rivers have been our only salvation.   
Delta State University in Cleveland and the Hodding Carter Memorial YMCA in Greenville offer year-round swimming, including age-specific training and practice groups for ages 5-18.  This “year-round” feature is great for parents still seeking afterschool and weekend activities for their children thisfall.
DAC was found in 1974 and is a parent-run club with a Board of Directors. Since DAC is affiliated with USA Swimming, training for competitive swimming is also available. From August to February, a short course yard (25 yards) length is available and from March to July, the long course meter (50m) length is open. This allows for both recreational and competitive swimmers to train year round.   
All swimmers register with Mississippi Swimming at $62 a swimmer and there is a $100 per family administration fee. The monthly (or seasonal) fee is based on the swimmer’s skill level.  For beginners up to level 6, the monthly fee is $50 or $300 a season. For the Junior and Senior groups, the monthly fees are $55 and $65, respectively.   
Why would swimming be more beneficial than other forms of exercise? Swimming encourages physical development in an ideal way for muscular and skeletal growth. High quality aerobic endurance is obtained from using all the body’s major muscle groups. Flexibility is enhanced as well as coordination. Swimming is the most injury-free of all children’s sports.  
Additionally, swimmers are encouraged to have responsibility for each performance, since there is only one person in a lane in any race. Students gain confidence as well as dedication, commitment and perseverance.   
For more information about joining DAC, go to and click the “Join DAC” button on the home page. For more information, call (662)402-0379, use the “Contact Us” option of the website, or visit
Dr. Erin Jacobs Stagner, DC, MS, MSHAPI is a mother, wife and chiropractor living one day at a time in Greenwood, Mississippi.

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