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DeSoto County Schools, Easy as A-to-Z

DeSoto County Schools, Easy as A-to-Z

The 2017-18 school year is upon us, so here’s a quick A-to-Z guide to the ins and outs of all things DeSoto County schools:

A is academics. DeSoto County strives to be the best in the Magnolia State in that department, regardless of where your kid goes to school.
B is for breaks. DCS students can get rest and relaxation during three extended ones: Thanksgiving (November 20-24), Christmas (December 18-January 3) and Spring (March 12-16).
C is for classrooms. Teachers have spent a good portion of their summers to make sure students will be ready to enter them on the first day of school (August 3).
D is for DeSoto County Academy. For more than 40 years, DCA in Olive Branch has been “providing a Christian education while striving for academic excellence.”
E is for education. DeSoto County teachers and administrators make that a number one priority for every single student enrolled at their respective school.
F is for field trips. Kids love nothing more than missing school for fun, including the Mississippi RiverKings’ Face Off Field Trips, set for both December 12 and February 6.
G is for graduation. For the eight high schools in the DeSoto County school system, those ceremonies will take place at the Landers Center.
H is for Hernando, home of the Tigers and the DeSoto County Schools district office.
I is for interactive school zone map. Courtesy of Google, this informative link is found at Here, parents can find their child’s school zone or bus stop.
J is for Jaguars. DeSoto Central High is the alma mater of rising athletic stars Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (NASCAR) and Braden Thornberry (golf).   

K is for kindergarten. Kiddos have got to start somewhere, and this important first year really sets the tone for the future.
L is Labor Day. Students and teachers looking for their first school holiday can search no further than Monday, September 4.
M is for the Mississippi High School Activities Association. Whether you’re braving the cold of a football game in the fall or the heat of a baseball game in the spring, this Jackson-area group sanctions those sports – and everything else in between.
N is for Northpoint Christian. The Southaven school offers their students the chance to “know and honor Jesus Christ, grow in knowledge and wisdom and reach their God given potential.”
O is for Olive Branch. Home to Center Hill and Lewisburg schools, a campus which has had significant changes is OBHS. The Conquistadors have a new principal (Jacob Stripling) and will be competing in MHSAA Class 5A in sports and most all extracurricular activities.  

P is for pens and pencils. Students young and old will need them both in order to enjoy success in each and every class.

Q is for quarters. Football games have four of them, so get ready fans: the 2017 high school season begins August 18.
R is for reading. Many students spent the summer doing as much as they could. It will only pay dividends in the long run. 
S is for Sacred Heart School. Three big aspects at this Southaven learning institution are “academics, faith formation and enrichment opportunities.”
T is for Twitter. Want to keep up with what’s going on at your child’s school? Consult this tried and true social media sensation.
U is for Uselton. Beginning his second full year as DeSoto County Schools Superintendent this fall is former teacher, coach and administrator Cory Uselton.
V is for vocational education. DCS has both Career Tech West (Horn Lake) and Career Tech East (Olive Branch) “to provide students with entry level skills for a job in the field they have studied and to prepare them to further their education by entering a technical school, community college or four-year university.”
W is for writing. One of the three Rs, along with reading and arithmetic, which “refers to the foundations of a basic skills-oriented education program in schools.”
X is for xylophone. This one is for all the talented band members that DeSoto County has to offer.
Y is for yearbook. Purchasing one of these for your child will allow them to cherish their memories forever.
Z is zero, zone and zoo. According to, these are the three words under “Z” of the 3,000 core English vocabulary words that are most important for learners to know. 
Chris Van Tuyl is a DeSoto County resident and former newspaper journalist who enjoys the company of his wife and pets, and watching sports.

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