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Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: To the Teachers and Coaches and All

Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: To the Teachers and Coaches and All

Greetings, gentle readers, as we face another year of school with all its schedules and possibilities!  Man of Mine and I, along with Daughter and Son-in-Love, are shocked that the summer has ended so hurriedly and yet just in time as weariness from keeping children occupied and happy, while still managing careers and homes, was pushing its way against family love and life.  Now it’s “Tag, you’re it” to teachers, coaches, principals, bus drivers, teacher assistants, cafeteria workers, custodians, and the like for our loved ones for the major part of their days.  This is a tribute to them with a plea attached as well.

I never planned to teach.  When Man of Mine and I married, and I transferred to his university, there was no interior design degree available.  Finding myself a young married woman with a very tight budget and the priceof ground beef of utmost importance, practicality pressed in.  (My single friends, on the other hand, talked of Cat Stevens, whom I never learned was male or female.). Since I loved to read, majoring in English seemed the imminent choice with an education minor to help support my budding banker husband’s life plans for us.

With no children of our own and an abundance of love in my heart, teaching I did!  From student teaching the junior highs to finishing a short career with older ones and even a college remedial gig, teaching gave that opportunity to write on so many pages of young lives.  The thrill of it is still exhilarating to me to remember the joy when they “got it.”  I taught through heat in the summer with no air conditioning and thought someone had made a mistake when my temporary trailer had a unit installed.

And through it all, I came to realize that power is involved in this profession.  Power over young lives in formation, for the good or not.  This is a very special privilege to be the extension of parents, co-sharers in the lives of their children.
After fourteen years without babies of our own, God blessed us with our two.  The remembrance of teacher/principal/coach power came back to me when my own left to learn.  I must confess what when they were blessed by their school and happy, I thought of my own joys with others and thanked God for each success.  However, when they suffered in education or at the hands of uncharitable staff or students, the misery would set in for me to the memories when I may have not done well; and I would have to repent if I had ever made a student suffer as my own were.  Those days are gone for me now, but the good, the bad, and the ugly still remain within.
This brings me to today and all who serve in education.  With five grands out there in the various cares of educators, this grandmother thanks you for choosing this life of service to their lives.  Please write on their pages carefully as you spend more time with them during the day than their parents.  They are precious to us, and we are trusting that the power that has been given to you will be for the Good.  May you be richly blessed in all your efforts for them by them as well!  With their joys and successes, we will sideline share alongside you as we all help them become who God intended them to be.

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