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Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: In Respect of Love at Summer’s End

Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: In Respect of Love at Summer’s End

Ganny looked across the room in 1947 at the drop-dead gorgeous man with another gal and decided he was the one for her! Tall and handsome from farming the Delta’s cotton fields, he set her young heart a-flutter, which resulted in the following 1949 August heat’s wedding. Told they needed medical attention before children, to their great surprise I arrived nine months to the day later. Thus began what would be a great life-time love affair between the three of us with the addition of Doctor Brother and Sista during the next seven years.

How can an August be here that those two are not uppermost on my heart? Although Big left us suddenly in 1997 with heart failure, he lives in our hearts and now lives through his lovely five (thus far) great-grandchildren. Shake up the genes, and those before us show up in wondrous ways through others here today! End of summer with promise for fall’s delights causes one to reflect upon life, especially highlighting moments of love such as this and how on a dime life changes through sightings and events.

I, as the first-fruit of this union, am holding onto memories galore, both long-standing and recent this end-of-summer August. From withIn my own branch of this fruitful tree, the vision of our Little Man running into his Poppy’s arms for a parting hug interiorly smiles my heart, as I recall our Hero Son loved his Big. Seeing little Amalee bodily make the “Y” in “bayou” on a stage reminds me of my own fun of younger summertime backyard shows with Cousin when the clothesline at Mammy’s was a showcase stage. I did so bring it from the heart there with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”! Judy Garland, watch yourself!

And then there is the sweet memory of Miz Lou just the other night on a sleepover singing her heart out to the karaoke cd from two Christmasses past. Hated the modern song about some future husband! Loved her performance skills! Then I tried to “bring it, ” as well. Sweet Miz Lou hung her head and shook it to sadly whisper, “Mimi, I hate to tell you, but you just don’t have it.” At six I remember asking Ganny, “Do you think I will ever be Miss America?” Her “no” did not make laugh. Miz Lou’s did! Now I am content at the end of summer in my August days to see this hand play out through these who have come from Ganny’s seeing Big across a crowded room. I say to them, “Yes, you can!” Thank you for loving him across the room, Ganny. Happy anniversary, Mama. May we both sit back now and see the results of both our efforts! To God be the glory! Amen!

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