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Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: Stand Up, America! For Kids’ Sake!

Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: Stand Up, America! For Kids’ Sake!

Summertime, big time, and the living is easy! Yes, readers, we are in the heat of it now with the annual country’s celebration upon us, picnics to plan, swimming pools, outside hoses, or lakes to long for, and family/friends to see. Let that Fourth Yankee Doodle Dandy Look Away celebration fly!

However, this is also a time to ponder times past, especially since I am looking at the world again through the eyes of five precious grandchildren. In fact, Man of Mine just recently took a shot of little Amalie peeping out our front door in South Louisiana from under a roman shade with only brilliantly blue eyes showing. She pounded the door from within and shouted in her developing baby voice, “Hey! (baby babble, baby babble),” which she surely seemed to understand. I shall cherish that picture forever! Perhaps we should all desire to see life as a child again as well with joy and wonder at the little things.

Gosh, how I wish it were in my power not only as a Christian, but also a patriot of this wonderful country, to protect the little ones from ugliness and those things unkind that we see around us here and in the world! I must admit I am so saddened when I learn of mean actions, especially where the grands are concerned. Miz Lou went swimming the other day and saw former school friends, who cliqued against her in Mean Girl fashion. She was very hurt, and my pain within is worse. Daughter told her how God replaces Mean Maddie with a nice one right away! Where Daughter sees lack of charity, she pulls her chicks away and looks for good somewhere else. I do admire her so for strong, loving parenting! Shaking dust from her feet proves her point. God forgive me for wanting to shake the mean spirit from some children! I confess to the roar of the lioness where the babies are concerned!

I am loyal and want to protect others from injustice. The early Americans put up with injustices until they had enough abuse and fought wicked abuses to establish their own land. The micro reflects the macro. Faith in the good provokes us within to stand and to follow those who stood for freedoms without rude attitudes but in love and forgiveness. We must. It is our duty. It is our foundation. We are called to higher ground. Stand up, America’s finest, and do not tolerate this anymore. Kill it with prayer and kindness for His Name’s sake. Out with the mean and up with the virtuous!

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