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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe—What To Take When You Go (On Summer Vacation)

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe—What To Take When You Go (On Summer Vacation)

As the temperatures warm, families all over the States will begin summer vacation planning. As anyone who has done it knows, traveling with kids is not always the easiest task. The more children you take on vacation, the less room in the van for packing necessities; therefore, choosing the most essential items becomes imperative. 

1. Cooler—A small cooler, while taking up some space, proves its necessity on most long road trips. Chilled drinks can be acquired at a moments notice, and that $7.00 slice of cheesecake can stay cool until it is time to eat again. Also, road trip snacks become more versatile as choices like guacamole, yogurt, and hummus become options. 

2. Travel Potty—Especially if traveling with a family member under 5, this item may be the one that proves its worth. When the next interstate exit is 15 miles away, the little guy in the back may need immediate assistance or maybe just pregnant Mama. The travel potty is not strictly for the vehicle either. Do not be surprised if you spy a toddler using a travel potty behind the bushes atan amusement park. Seriously, these potties are lifesavers, and don’t forget the wipes. 

3. Mama’s Medicine Bag—Whether mama is holistic with herbal remedies and essential oils or not, she cannot leave her medicine bag at home. When vacation is planned, inevitably, someone in the family will become ill, and sickness can literally drain the fun from vacation, so being prepared is crucial. Pack the essential oil travel diffuser or Ibuprofen—better yet, take both! FYI: Disney World hotels do not offer a great selection of pharmaceuticals. 

4. Chargers—All. The. Chargers. Cell phones did not make the list because phones are less likely to be forgotten, but the chargers, that is a different story. What good are all of the devices if none are charged? From the video camera to the leap pad, these items are essential as are the chargers. Also, consider a portable phone charger for extra battery life. A dead phone can put Mama in a bad mood real quick, especially if she is missing out on capturing those precious memories with her phone’s camera. 

5. Weather Gear—The weather becomes warmer because of the scorching sun, so be prepared by making sure to pack not only sunscreen but also hats and sunglasses for the whole family. Just like the irony of rain on your wedding day, it is inevitable that there will be some summer showers while on vacation. Don’t ruin those Birkenstock sandals by being unprepared. From shoes to umbrellas,make sure to pack adequate rain gear. 

6. First Aid Kit—Accidents happen. When they do, a first aid kit becomes quite valuable. Antiseptic sprays, ointments, and bandages, all of these and more will be stored neatly in a basic first aid kit. 


By Beth McKay


Recommendations by Dr. Hilda White 

Today’s technology offers numerous applications that can help make travel easier! 

1. Hotel Tonight by Hotel Tonight Inc.—No matter where you are, you can find hotels close to you and book a room from the app, pay with a credit, and check in and out from the app. 

2. Aroundme by Flying Code LTD—Whenever you open the app, it will show categories like banks, hotels, movie theaters, parking, etc. From the categories, you can find what’s near you. 

3. Gasbuddy by Gasbuddy Orgization—This app shows nearby gas stations and the current gas prices. 

4. Yelp by Yelp, Inc.—Yelp provides reviews for nearby restaurants and businesses. It also provides current specials such as a free drink with purchase. 

5. Postagram by Sincerely Inc.—Take a picture while on vacation, and upload it to this app. For 99 cents, this company will mail it as a true postcard.



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