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Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: April Showers Bring Memorial DayFlowers

Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: April Showers Bring Memorial DayFlowers

“April showers bring May flowers,” so the saying goes! Here we are, dear readers, once again in this wonderful, yet oftentimes hurried month of gardening, dance recitals, exams and school closures, Mother’s Day, graduations, summer vacation plans…somebody stop me! You know the routine. Man of Mine and I are running with tongues already hanging out, and we haven’t even started the month yet, as you must know I had a deadline for this article a month ago! I therefore have had to face the frantic month of May before most of you! 

It’s all good! Aren’t we blessed to live in a country where these lovely events can happen mainly without violence? I find myself lately, in light of such ugliness outside the country, pondering another May holiday, Memorial Day, first begun after our own sad Civil War as Decorations Day to honor those who died in service to the nation, our nation’s martyrs, and named a federal holiday as Memorial Day in 1971. We are not a perfect people or nation, but we are so fortunate to be Americans, citizens of the United States of America. 

When Man of Mine’s father B died, I remember saying to his pastor that I did so wish I could witness with words, to which he said that only 10% of us do so with words, while the other 90% witness with our lives. Is this not the truth of our many men and women who serve or have served our nation, the unfortunate optimum to have given a life in service? Take a moment this hurried May to think of those who died and the parents who gave them life. They truly matter to this nation’s history and health and have truly given all. 

What about the living uniformed public service champions? While we can remember and honor those gone, we should also thank those who now give us a life of freedoms in which we can complain of small harried activities. These servants of our nation are truly oftentimes unnoticed, unthanked, and under appreciated. Let’s change that together! 

I adore stopping a uniformed person in Walmart or the airport to shake a hand and give a word of appreciation. Not one time does that gesture seem to have bothered the recipient! Try it! You might like it! Let’s thank and honor those heroes, past and present, as they have so honored our sweet land, our precious homeland, our America. Like a stone thrown into a pond, this gesture can have an imploding, ripple effect for the Good. It takes us out of our own selfish myopic worlds and puts our eyes on others who truly matter. 

While you’re being patriotic, think of flying the flag, even a small one to express appreciation. Get the children involved, the grandkids as well! Have a little mini parade for heroes this May and show them how much you care. Sing national songs! Patriotism is a catchy bonding. 

God bless America, its people, and especially those who serve! Should He say the same, I look forward to seeing you again in June. Now get out there and love up the country and the world!

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