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Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: April 2017

Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: April 2017

Welcome to Spring, dear readers! Since I have last “seen” you, life has been hopping like those Easter bunnies we so often use this time of year. Just as the leaves, grass, and flowers are popping up here overnight with new life, so our family runs the same. Yes, we have a new grand! Baby Madeline Grace is here, and what adoll she is! This Mimi and Poppy now have the privilege of loving a fifth grand baby; and as is with Daughter’s three and now Hero Son’s two, we find ourselves wondering what memories we shall make with yet a new one to love. Time will surely tell! 

May I admit to you that I personally adore the way God shakes up the genes and produces yet another miracle in life? This new treasure has the very longest fingers, so I cannot help but wonder if this is our concert pianist. Her eyes are those deep pools one could stare into and simply get lost in heavenly thoughts forever! The private time in the hospital I had with her during which we bonded made me think I already know her so well. But then I do! She is here with the genes of those who came before her, and during those gazing moments they all smiled through her and looked back at me from eternity, and I fell in love once again with life and its new possibilities. It has been this way with the other four but more so with this little one, as she could possibly be the end of the line. 

It is a treat to have a new baby just at the time the world also awakens with new life and fresh starts. Both are filled with promise, of hope, of joy, of peace, and all that is good from above. And just as this little one approaches the end of her first week here, older sister would not be outdone and decided to speak her first sentence to Hero Son as he dropped her at “school,” at which time she said, “I dove ooo.” Not bad for one and a half! 

As I welcomed the new Madeline on a Tuesday, another dear Madeleine, the mother of my dear sister girlfriend departed the following Friday. The bond of name continuance and sweet love has further tied us together in that precious bond of generational spiritual family ties in bringing both the beginnings of life and the endings together perfectly within the scope of God’s will. It is a bittersweet blessing time as well. One enters this life with its great joys and sadness, while the other ends it with the promise of peace and love from Above. My friend’s sister says her mother is “gone to Glory.” I would like to suggest that one has gone to and the other come from. Spring, it seems, is both a sweet time to either die from this life or to be born into it. Both are crossings from one to another. This is the process, and it is all good. 

Please be well and love well this month. Should God say the same, see you in May!

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