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Fun with Fido: Local Pet-Friendly Outings

Fun with Fido: Local Pet-Friendly Outings

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but according to the National Center for Health studies, pets can also bring a wide variety of health benefits to humans. From lowering blood pressure to regulating heart rate, these studies show that these health benefits come with a furry companion present. One study showed that having a dog in the room lowered blood pressure more than one of the most popular medications doctors prescribe patients with high blood pressure. 

Children greatly benefit from dogs as well. Companion animals reduce anxiety and help to lower behavioral distress. With all of these benefits, more and more people are taking their pets with them on their daily ventures. There are several places pets are welcome and encouraged in every state. We have compiled a few fun things you can do with your four-legged friend as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. 

Bree’s Bark Park is a fun, family-friendly dog park located on 960 Flag Chapel Road in Jackson. It costs $33 to join and the membership cost benefits the animal shelter next door called CARA. This beautiful dog park is located in the heart of Jackson on almost 2 acres of fenced in fun for your dog and family to bond. The park is designed for dogs to be able to run without a leash and socialize with other dogs. There’s a separate small dog area with play equipment. The large dog side has a pool if your dog wants to cool off in the water. There are a few guidelines the park requires before you bring your dog to ensure safety: he/she must be spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, and friendly with other dogs and people. Pack up your family for a fun day at the dog park! 

If you’ve dreamed of taking your pet shopping with you, it’s getting more and more feasible. Stores are increasingly becoming dog friendly. TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Lowes are just a few chains that boast their pet-friendly policies. It’s always good to call ahead just to make sure that particular store doesn’t have a different policy but most stores allow pups inside as they have an aisle dedicated to dog beds, bowls, and fun toys. Sometimes a dog-included shopping trip is just what the family needs. 

The Ross Barnett Reservoir is the perfect place to take your family and dog and make a day of it. Many people take an entire day and go out on the reservoir to have a picnic and bring their dog to swim and play frisbee. The beautiful scenery may almost trick you into thinking you’re on vacation. Pups love the chance to run in the fresh air and cool off in the water. There is also a dog park in progress on the reservoir so stay tuned. 

Many pet stores offer pet training classes like basic obedience and leash training. The whole family can come learn how to make the dog behave and interact to encourage better behavior. Local pet store Hollywood Feed offers training classes several times a year that will better your dog’s behavior and how your family interacts with him or her. With several different locations, it won’t be hard to find one close to home. Petsmart also has classes that can be turned into a family affair. From learning the basics of sitting and staying, to teaching your dog to play dead, these activities bring the whole family closer together. 

Try out some of these fun metro, dog-friendly activities to bring your family closer together and relax with man’s best friend. You might find yourself a little less stressed with a little more dog hair on your favorite shirt, but enjoying life a whole lot more! 


By Morgan Howard 



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