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Moms, Kids, Cars, and Such: Getting Younger and Still in Love with Love

Moms, Kids, Cars, and Such: Getting Younger and Still in Love with Love

Gentle readers, greetings in this month related to Presidents, Mardi Gras, and most importantly all emotions concerning love. While plastic beads and sales of sales are interesting enough, even at my age love tops the charts this month. Hearts are on the minds of many with Perfect Love leading the way. I must admit I still have the Valentine I painted for Man of Mine when I was just fifteen. It was based on some pop book at the time and said, “Love is a happy feeling that stays within your heart forever. Love begins in small ways. It may start the first time we share our hearts with someone or even by a simple kindness. All along it’s there and you know it. And because of it you are a better person.”

Miz Lou and I recently paid real estate taxes downtown, and she scolded me for getting in the senior citizens line for 60’s and older. What a joy to have a precious eight-year-old think her Mimi 36! I did later repent of my error and stated a 46-Year-old should not cheat the aged line, no matter its shorter wait time. May the Lord forgive this untruth, as the fun of loosing twenty years so quickly got the better of me for Miz Lou’s sake! And for my joy. Because of her attitude I could be such as she thought! Her thoughts were truly a loving kindness to me!

So, in thinking of love for this month, I am here to state as both a recently professed 46-year-old and that dreaded age stated on records, we must get to loving better. While I adore having a great roommate in my husband of 47 years, I am here this month to say television is not enough! Husbands, we love you to pieces! You are marvelous, but this “46-year-old / sixteen-within” hopes for romance this Valentine’s, and I honestly do not think I am alone. Inside all of us is the person who does not want tepid and with this being said, let us arise for the fun of love again. Let’s put down our electrical devices. Let’s agree to make special memories again in honor of love and loving for the good of it. Let’s agree to make the love efforts again. Let’s go dancing, even if only in the living room! Let’s hold hands! Let’s gaze into each others’ eyes longingly and smile warmly! Let’s all agree to think of the other first again. That’s the challenge of relationship. At “46” I promise to do my best. How about the rest ofyou? Yes, we can, if we will! Woohoo! Here we go down the road of making new memories of love, better memories, and certainly not mundane memories. I personally hate mediocrity!

We must remember that when we love well, the joy of that ripples over to everyone around us. When we put our utmost effort forward, the joy of that brims over, is pressed down, and runs over to the world. Let’s unite this Valentine’s to love best in order to make our worlds better places. Amen.

Next month, should God say the same! Be well and love the world up!

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