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Eat, Exercise, and Sleep Your Way to a Healthy 2017

Eat, Exercise, and Sleep Your Way to a Healthy 2017

In a world where homework must be completed, projects must be finished, and lunches must be made, mom’s health and fitness are often sacrificed for the betterment of everyone else in the family. Unfortunately, if mom isn’t healthy, she can’t be as effective in taking care of the rest. By committing to a few small changes, 2017 can be the year of a healthy you.


The holidays wreak havoc on eventhe healthiest of people, with parties, crazy schedules, and holiday goodies. Committing to eating healthier as part of a lifestyle change doesn’t have to be difficult. Drink half your body weight in water each day. Get a support group. Join a detox or cleanse group that includes healthy recipes and accountability.

Healthy eating no longer means rice cakes and iceberg lettuce, it means getting the nutrients you need through eating non-processed, whole foods that taste great and make you feel even better. Companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are meal delivery services that will deliver healthy, fresh ingredients to your door weekly, making supper time easy, delicious, and wholesome. Companies like Arbonne International offer clean eating groups designed to teach you how to change your lifestyle, not just start a new diet.


The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week to improve overall cardiovascular health. So, just 30 minutes each day can make a huge difference in having a healthy heart. Morning person? Get up before the rest of your house and take a walk around the neighborhood. Build up to running and try downloading the Couch to 5K program to work towards running a 5K. Keep yourself accountable by getting a running buddy or signing up for a future 5K race that you can work towards running. Join a gym that fits your lifestyle. Many gyms are now open 24-hours a day, some are just for women, others are specialized in certain programs like Crossfit or yoga.

If your only chance to get in a workout is late night, try downloading an application for your mobile phone or tablet like SWORKIT. It will give you a workout based on the amount of time you need and the part of your body you want to target. Basically, you have your own personal trainer right in the palm of your hand. Visit the Apple or Google app store to download SWORKIT or other personal training applications to jumpstart your exerciser regimen.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, “sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being.” The Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for adults between 26-64 years of age. Elizabeth Russell, mother of two, often doesn’t get the amount of sleep she needs in order to complete tasks around the house after her boys have gone to bed. “Once the house is quiet, work is over, and homework is done, it’s time to get things done that I need to do.”

Getting the right amount of sleep is tied to heart health, directly effecting every other part of the body. Making it a priority to go to bed earlier and work towards getting the recommended amount of sleep is equally as important as eating healthy and exercising consistently.

By making a concerted effort to prioritize eating healthy, exercising consistently, and sleeping enough in 2017, mom’s health, and thus the rest of the family’s health, will be its best yet.


Jennie Bradford Curlee is the public relations and international sales director for the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau. She is a runner, is always looking for new ways to cook healthy meals for her family, and loves nothing more than a good night’s sleep.

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