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Romantic Escape

Romantic Escape

St. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only reason for quality time with your soulmate. We all agree it is important to show our affection and care to the people we love 365 days a year. But if that hasn’t been the case for you, use this Hallmark occasion to enjoy your loved ones. Mississippi has lots of beautiful destinations, perfect for a romantic getaway.

Natchez is rich in culture and has lots of fascinating stories to tell. Take a tour, check out a few museums and the beautiful antebellum architecture, enjoy incredible Southern cuisine and the breathtaking views of Mississippi river at sunset.

Clark Creek Nature Area in Woodville is one of our many hidden treasures. This destination is ideal for nature-loving couples, looking for a day-long adventure of hiking, exploring and picnicking.

Singing up for Viking Cooking School class in Greenwood will be a delicious celebration for those who enjoy being in the kitchen. And even for those who know nothing about cooking. You can choose from one of their many classes, such as Date Night, Dough and Dessert, Entertaining or Around the World. It’s a perfect combination of fun, learning, quality time together and a gourmet dinner. Bon appetite!

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