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Cool Kid: Ethan “Ducky” Duckworth

Cool Kid: Ethan “Ducky” Duckworth

Ethan “Ducky” Duckworth has been selected as December’s “Cool Kid.” A 4th grader at Petal Elementary School, Ethan enjoys baseball and attending Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Hi mother, Alicia Duckworth, explained why she thinks her child is special.

“He is so very kind to others,” she said. “He is a friend to anyone who needs a smiling face.” Ethan excels in school, and his mother said he always does his homework without even being reminded, helps out around the house, and is “a respectful young man.”

“He has proven that he exemplifies what it is to be a model student at Petal Elementary School,” she added, explaining he was chosen to be a “Junior Panther” for Homecoming week.

“He was so proud,” she said. “He ate lunch with the high school cheerleaders and football players, he walked in the Homecoming Parade, and he ran out onto the field after the football players at Petal High School’s Homecoming Game … he told his teacher that this was the BEST day of his life!”

We agree that Ethan sets a great example, and hope he also feels proud to have been selected as December’s coolest kid in South Mississippi!

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