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Book for Tech-Loving Kids Is a Hit

Book for Tech-Loving Kids Is a Hit

Just in time for Christmas, the latest title in DK’s bestselling and award-winning “How Cool Stuff Works” series explores how incredible new technologies are shaping the modern world and its future. From whirring Hoverboards to towering skyscrapers, Super Cool Tech explains everything and more that inquiring kids want to know about the world’s most fascinating innovations.

Lift the unique laptop-inspired cover to see incredible architectural concepts around the world, such as the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort in Dubai, and the River Gym, a human-powered floating gym in New York City. Discover how a wheelchair adapts to its surroundings and learn how a cutting board can give the nutritional information of the food being prepared on it.

From 3-D-printed cars to robot vacuum cleaners, Super Cool Tech reveals today’s amazing inventions and looks ahead to the future of technology, including hologram traffic lights and the Galactic Suite Hotel in space. Perfect for STEM education initiatives, Super Cool Tech makes technology easy to understand and follows the history of each invention up to their modern-day impact. The innovative “How It Works” panels explain the design and function of each item using clear explanations and engaging images. Indulge your imagination through knowledge grounded in facts and figures. Available now at most bookstores.

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