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Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: Thanksgiving

Moms, Kids, Cars & Such: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving again! The typical question is on my heart and lips, “Where did the time go?” How very appropriate to take this moment to review and be thankful; so here are the pearls of my life, since I have already complained to you in recent columns of a few cockle burrs. May I begin in gratitude of yet another year from God in which to try to get this thing called life right? After this statement, I would simply like to share some seasonally appropriate “Thanks-Be-to-God” gems such as the following:

  • Man of Mine was granted a clean bill of health from a scary year’s start and a tumor discovered, found to be benign after surgery. That took at least two months of the year with multiple trips to M.D. Anderson due to the tumor’s scarcity.
  • Son-in-Love found such dignity in his new job, where he is truly appreciated for the excellence of his skills and characterand one in which pressure levels have been reduced by 90%. We all rejoice in the peace that brings within the home!
  • Daughter made the HUGE decision to homeschool Miz Lou through a fine university plan program at St. Augustine’s; and we are amazed at the manner in which she manages the home, the homework, and the career. What a woman!
  • Miz Lou is flying in this homeschool endeavor and has such peace in her life. While she misses little friends from other schools, she makes new dear ones. She dances again, is learning piano, and even translated the Latin phrase behind the altar at my church this week. Not bad for eight!
  • Little Man continues to amaze us with his abilities and smarts. He and I get to “hang out” more often for longer periods of time and recently learned to play the game “Tenzi,” as patiently taught us by Mr. Phil at one of our favorite places, Cullen’s. If you have not heard of this game, then look at it for family fun. While it involves dice, it teaches numbers. One afternoon we played 18 games together on the back porch, with his doing the “Little Man” cheer when he won and then screaming like a stuck egret upon loss. He is reigning Mimi/Little Man/Tenzi champ right now, but I shall return!
  • Rooster walks on a less wobbly scale and laughs gleefully like he has discovered the most important secret of life. What a joy boy he is!
  • Hero Son in South Louisiana stays as such with his Amalee who will be one by the time you read this, and Daughter-in-Love will gift us a sibling for Amalee in March.

Lastly, there are those little miracles that come into our lives unexpectedly like MS Vickie Adams at the I 55 North Kroger’s who heard my plea about the need to get the new box of popsicles home quickly before they melted on Little Man and me. That lovely lady helped us checkout in a flash with a departing hug! What a wonderful angel! Give her a raise! We got home just in time to freeze the popsicles and not a one was meltingly lost!

And the thanksgivings go on no matter our lives if we but look for them. Let us all remember to find these not only today or this month but throughout the rest of our lives.

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