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Kid Craft: Holiday Letterhead Stationery

By Sherryl LaPointe

This stationery can be adapted for any holiday throughout the year. However, for my examples, I’ll use Christmas, since we’re in the midst of that beautiful season right now! The main supplies would of course remain the same for other holidays, with only the colors and the details changing.

This project can be modified for children of various ages. It will be especially appropriate for creating “thank you” notes, or to make as gifts for teachers or grandparents.


Cover of some type for your work area (old plastic table cloth, etc.)

Protection for clothes (smock)

Watercolor paints

Fine-tipped brushes

Paper cup or glass, for water

Paper towels, for wiping brushes

Computer paper

Letter-sized envelopes

Holiday stickers (optional)

Note: If desired, fine- to medium-tipped markers can be used. The results will be different, but the “mess” will probably be less.


1. About one-half inch from the left edge of a sheet of computer paper, use green or black paint to make a rather thin, wavy, vine-like line starting from the bottom of the page. Allow it to curve around to the top, again staying about a half-inch from the edge. Do not worry about exactness. This will be your “stem.”

2. If you are making this to resemble fir garland, make very fine green “needles” along both sides of the “stem.”

3. Along the length of the garland, when it has dried, make tiny red dots. Make these in groups of three, to represent berries.

4. To complete the look, again when it has dried, you can choose if you want to place a few holiday stickers among the needles (leaves).

Note: Since you will probably be making several sheets of stationery, it will be easy to “assembly-line” them, making it easy to allow for the drying time.

5. When the stationary is completed, decorate a matching number of envelopes with a garland along the bottom, and a few red dots, as you did on the paper. (I don’t suggest the stickers on the envelopes, except perhaps one or two on the back.)

Notes: When doing this for spring holidays, make the stem in the same way, but instead of needles, draw tiny one-stroke leaves (a little bigger than the needles, and not quite so many), and multi-colored (pastel) flowers to complete it.

As usual, adapt this to your ideas and needs, and to your children’s abilities, but be sure to have fun with this holiday family activity!



About The Author

Sherryl LaPointe

Sherryl LaPointe, a retired teacher and children’s minister, lives with her husband, Harris, and dog, Muffin, in Gulfport. They enjoy frequent visits from their daughter, Linette. Sherryl enjoys pursuing many hobbies including crafts, art and writing.

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