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Get Cooking for the Holidays!

Get Cooking for the Holidays!
By Lindsey Kelly

It seems that every time I turn on the TV, there’s an ad for a new meal-prep delivery service. And what’s not to love? All have fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, tasty new recipes, and a how-to guide to get from box to plate.

Well, one thing that they haven’t quite figured out how to eliminate is the dirty dishes. Plus, let’s be honest: how many times does your dinner look exactly like what you’ve gotten on the recipe card?

These two problems are exactly what you can kiss goodbye with a night out, or day, at the Viking Cooking School (VCS) in Greenwood. Maybe think of it as you would a home delivery meal-prep kit that just happens to include a personal chef instructor, someone else to do the dishes, and even someone else’s kitchen to mess up during the cooking.

The VCS has a full kitchen retail store, plus two hands-on kitchen-classrooms where chef instructors walk you through a great meal, from cocktails and snacks to entrées and desserts.

This fall, new offerings and guest chefs are popping in to spice things up, along with some classic recipes that every southerner (or competent cook) should have in his or her repertoire.

One of the most popular classes is still the class with recipes from the film “The Help.” There’s a “Havana” class, complete with Cuban items such as Mojitos and Tres Leches Cake — it is sure to take your palate to new places. As pumpkin spiced “everything” fills your shopping cart this time of year, why not fill your stomach with real pumpkin ravioli with sage butter, from the new fall edition of the pasta workshop?

On Nov. 9-10, Celebrated New Orleans chef Jason Goodenough of Carrollton Market will be teaching classes that feature fresh fish, duck confit and even foie gras.

Closer to the holidays, learn in the New Year’s Celebration class how to perfect that roasted rack of lamb that every food magazine will likely have on its cover. How great would it be to Instagram a picture of you and your kids decorating Christmas sugar cookies, and the cookies ACTUALLY resemble what they’re supposed to look like? Or, to Instagram a photo of the perfect gingerbread house? Both classes are a must-do around the holidays, especially if you’re doing it with the kids (or kids at heart).

These new offerings from the VCS are sure to be the kick in the pants that we all could use at this point in the year.

Other Options for Learning Culinary Arts:

Want to get really serious about cooking? Perhaps even make a career of it? Here are a few additional Delta-region options for adults to take classes in the culinary arts:

— Coahoma Community College, in Clarksdale

CCC offers a Culinary Arts Technology program that includes hand-on instruction in a commercial kitchen. For admission requirements, tuition, and more info, visit

— Mississippi Delta Community College, in Moorhead

MDCC offers a Career Certificate, Technical Certificate, or Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts Technology. Find our more at


Lindsey Kelly lives in Grenada, Mississippi with her husband and two kiddos. She teaches Culinary Arts 1 & 2 at the Grenada Career and Technical Center.

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