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Patty Peck Honda is looking for a few great Spokes Kids! We’re having an open casting call of kids to be on camera and tell us all what they think about some new Hondas! Do you know a kid that loves cars? Can they talk ALL about them? If so, maybe they can become the next Patty Peck Spokes Kid! Read below for details and register for their chance!


Kids, ages 6 – 12, accompanied by parent or guardian.

Families/groups with multiple children are welcome!


Register online for a time slot on Saturday, November 3, 2018, to come to Patty Peck and have your kids filmed talking about a new Honda.


November 3, 2018

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

But don’t forget to register now!


Patty Peck Honda

555 Sunnybrook Rd

Ridgeland MS, 39157

(see map)

Patty Peck Honda

More Information


Patty Peck Honda is looking for Spokes Kids to review their Hondas.  The Spokes Kids will appear in online videos of kids’ reviews of cars, and after the selection process is complete, the final spokes kid(s) will appear in a Patty Peck Honda ad.

Kids will choose their favorite vehicle from the showroom floor.

Generally, the video will be the child pointing to, or demonstrating a feature on a car.  For example, a child might put a cup in a cup holder and say “I like that this car has ten cup holders!”  During the official shoot, an off-camera host will coach your child by asking questions.  There will be more than one take, so no worries about getting it “just right.”

Any child ages six to 12 who can respond to verbal requests and prompts may be nominated to become a Spokes Kid and participate in our Casting Call on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Patty Peck Honda in Ridgeland, MS.

How to Participate:

Fill out the registration form.

On the day of the shoot, Saturday, November 3, 2018, arrive at Patty Peck Honda at your appointment time.  You will be emailed a release to sign and bring with you on the day of the shoot.  You will also be given instructions on:

  1. When to arrive
  2. What your child should wear – please follow guidelines (no logo clothing, for example)
  3. What to expect – description of day’s process and schedule
  4. Where to park
  5. Where to wait for your child’s call.
  6. Sample lines your child might want to practice

After the Event:

Following the shoot, the videos will be edited together into a short video of kids reviewing different features of a Honda vehicle – sharing their “kids’ point of view.”  Individual clips will be posted on Facebook for family and friends to view.

There will be up to six Kids Review Cars videos produced using as many as six kids per vehicle.

At the end of production, a panel of independent judges will select the overall winner or winners.  That child or children will be invited to appear in a Patty Peck Honda ad.

Participating kids will receive a gift box of small items to show our appreciation.

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