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Growth Spurts: (On Fatherhood This Time)

Each month I write about motherhood and what I’m learning through it. Well, this month I’d like to write about fatherhood.

Kevin Partridge and I exchanged vows publicly on June 20, 1998. Fourteen years ago! Our love and marriage continue to grow with each passing year, and I truly cannot imagine my life apart from him. He is my best friend, my confidant, and the love of my life. He encourages me, challenges me, leads me, helps me, laughs with me, dreams with me, and loves me extremely well.

Not surprisingly, Kevin Partridge is also a wonderful father to our children–Callie, Caleb, and Katie. If you see these four together, it won’t take you long to realize how much Kevin adores his children, and they adore him. He is both strong and gentle in his leadership of our family; he praises and cheers but also corrects and disciplines; he loves to play and relax but also rallies the troops when we need to get things done; he is an excellent listener who gives thoughtful feedback; he is affectionate, caring, consistent, sacrificial, attentive, silly, and wise. And our children are crazy about him! But (as LeVar Burton says) don’t take my word for it . . .

Katie (age 7): “I am so glad he’s my daddy. He is good at snuggling, and he is a good softball coach for the Popstars team. He loves it when I make him laugh! I like that he lets me and my sister go and shoot at Ballet Magnificat! He loves Raisinets, and whenever I give him Raisinets, he always shares it with the family. I like that he bought us a puppy dog. And I am so glad that he married Carrie Bevell! I like that he makes money [so that we can] eat. He makes everyone laugh and smile, and he lets us have family game nights and family movie nights. He is such a great person to play with, and he plays with me all the time. He gives me a ‘car ride’ whenever it’s time for me to go to bed.” (Note: A “car ride” is a very fast—and sometimes dangerous—ride on Daddy’s back throughout the entire house. The children squeal; our dog Rico barks and chases them; and I close my eyes.)

Caleb (age 9): “I love our dad. He is so special to us because he makes commercials and stuff like that to get us money. He also uses our money carefully. He loves us very much. He takes good care of us. He is smart, kind, awesome, EPIC, and cool. He is a great breakfast cook. He knows how to make French toast, fried or scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, grits, and other stuff. He is my favorite and only dad. And I love him dearly.”

Callie (age 11): “I think Dad is the best dad in the entire universe!!! He exchanges a special good night with all of us, and no one’s is alike. (I’ve been doing mine with him since I was 3!!!) He loves to teach us about God. If I’ve had a bad day at school, he somehow always (I’ve never been clear on exactly how he does it) makes me giggle and forget my bad day. He loves to take us places and share things with us. You always hate to see him disappointed, because he not only makes you feel sad, because it’s so different from his grin, but also because he’s the kind of person you long to please!!! I think my dad is awesome because he is very caring. He is only mildly overprotective, and you can always count on him for a laugh or a Wii partner, but he’s also a good candidate for a serious conversation, or just a calm, quiet one-on-one teacher. I love you, Dad!!!”

Happy Father’s Day to Kevin and to all the other dads whose children think they are EPIC!


Carrie Bevell Partridge is immensely thankful for the husband and father that Kevin Partridge is.

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Carrie Partridge

Carrie Bevell Partridge grew up in Memphis, TN with her parents and four siblings. She attended Mississippi College, where she met her husband Kevin. They have been married for 20 years and have five children. They live in Ridgeland, MS. Carrie has written the “Growth Spurts” column and managed social media for Parents & Kids Magazine since 2011. You can read more of her work at and

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