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Pick-a-Place: Ship Island

We recently followed the Peipon Family to Ship Island, off the Gulf Coast to explore one of Mississippi’s great natural treasures. Our cast and crew got to travel in style thanks to our sponsor, Patty Peck Honda, lending us a 2018 Honda Odyssey. So we had plenty of room, even for our family of 5! We took the ferry, provided by Ship Island Excursions, to get to the island. There are multiple trips a day, so check their website for departure and return times. Once on the island, the family had a blast exploring the pristine, natural wildlife, the scenic and idyllic beaches, and they even got to see a historical Mississippi fort (complete with a tour guide!).

Needless to say, it’s an adventure worth watching! If you want to read more, see our editor’s post for greater detail about her trip!

Stay tuned for more great episodes from Pick-a-Place!

About The Author

Sonny Sweatt

Born and raised in Columbia, Mississippi, Sonny has since called many places home. Living in Asia for almost a decade showed him that there was no place like home. The current iteration of that home is Jackson, MS, with his wife, son and daughter. He's ecstatic that he gets to work at Parents & Kids where he passes the days coming up with more crazy ideas to support Mississippi families and businesses through media.

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