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Kid Craft: Pressed Flower Bookmarks

By Sherryl LaPointe

Since it is the very end of summer and the very beginning of school, I thought we would do something that would combine the two. In addition, if the crafts come out well, they could be saved or repeated in some manner for teacher or grandparent Christmas or other holiday gifts. With that said, let’s get started.


— Clear Contac Paper

— Scissors

— Covering for work space

— Source for small flowers (your own yard is ideal, if you have any)


1. Cut contac paper into 8” x 3” strips — two for each bookmark.

2. Pick small flowers and trim them to fit completely within the space of the bookmark. They must not overhang the edges on any side. You won’t want much in the way of leaves, and you shouldn’t use any thick stems, but if the flowers are small, you may want to use more than one to fill the space. You also want to be sure the flowers look bright and fresh and have no dead petals.

3. Dry-fit your flowers to a non-sticky shape to get the look you want before you put them on the actual contac. The stickiness of the contac is not at all forgiving; you pretty much have to do it right the first time.

4. Peel the backing off one of the pieces of contac and place the flowers on the contac.

5. NOTE: This step definitely requires a much older child or adult assistance. Peel the backing from the second piece of contac and place it on the work space. Carefully center the piece with flowers on top of the blank piece. Starting with the flowers, work outward and press to remove air, thus sealing the flowers.

6. You might need to go over the whole thing with a spoon, popsicle stick, or your finger to remove any remaining air bubbles. Remember, ALL the air must be out to preserve the flowers.

7. The last step is to press these under telephone books or dictionaries to make them completely flat. The length of time will differ according to the thickness of the flowers and the weight of the books. Use your judgement as to pressing time.

Before you use these or give as gifts, round the corners a little by cutting with a pair of scissors. It will make it more difficult for them to come apart; square corners peel very easily!


Sherryl LaPointe, a retired teacher and children’s minister, lives with her husband, Harris, and dog, Muffin, in Gulfport. They enjoy frequent visits from their daughter, Linette. Sherryl enjoys pursuing many hobbies including crafts, art and writing.

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