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Book Buzz: Pillowland

Written by Laurie Berkner
Illustrated by Camille Garoche
Ages 2-4, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Since the theme for this issue is summer travel, I thought it was time to catch up with Laurie Berkner, the popular children’s recording artist, and the book from her song Pillowland. For a toddler, this book is a great bedtime read.

I know a place, a kingdom far away,
where people wear pajamas every night and every day.
Where all the houses, the buildings, and the trees
are made of fluffy pillows that are soft as they can be.
We’re going to land in Pillowland.

I’m reminded of the folk music era classic Puff the Magic Dragon, sung by the trio Peter, Paul & Mary. A gentle tale is woven through the antics of a little boy growing up. In a similar sense, Pillowland takes us on a journey involving soft curves and gentle rides through a dreamscape of whimsical wonder. By the time you’ve read this to your youngsters for the third time, if you soften your voice a bit, I guarantee they will be asleep.

Garoche’s illustrations are charming. The technique used is paper cut artwork, photographed with detailing in Photoshop. It’s a relatively new technique, brought on by the wide availability of digital cameras and software. That said, the illustrations are magical and glow with soft light. Vibrant cool and radiant warm colors combine to create a wondrous world of twilight.

To help your child on his journey to Sleepy Town, this book will help create dreams of soft clouds, safe harbors and tranquil slumber. Just the right tone after a busy day of adventure.

About The Author

Chuck Galey

Chuck Galey has drawn all his life. “I had everything I needed growing up in a small farm town in the Mississippi Delta; a pencil, a piece of paper and a long-winded Baptist preacher.” He has illustrated over seventy educational books and eleven children’s picture books, one that he authored. When he is not working on books in his studio in Jackson, Mississippi, he is presenting exciting school programs that inspire and astonish students. His programs, listed on the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Teaching Artist Roster, encourage them to be creative in their reading, writing and art. For additional information about Chuck , visit his website:

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