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Rainy Day? Bookstore To The Rescue!

Rainy Day? Bookstore To The Rescue!

There is almost nothing better than the smell of new books, the feel of those crispy pages, and the anticipation of finding something exciting, while exploring a new territory and locating a hidden treasure… That’s how I feel about bookstores.

A week ago my husband and I needed to run an errand that wouldn’t be easy or quick had we brought the kids along. We were able to leave them under loving care of their grandparents, and were off to business. To our disappointment (so we thought), the one thing on our to-do list had to be canceled. Here we were, with no children and a nice chunk of time that wasn’t accounted for. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?! We quickly started shuffling in our minds all of the things we had to do, or wanted to accomplish. And then we saw it: right in front of us a huge bookstore, a temptation we couldn’t resist. We tried to stay together, but our book interests are pretty much polar opposite, so we ended up wandering off, only to find each other in a few minutes to exchange comments, observations and a few laughs about our finds. We were there for over an hour, and had such a great time. Pretty sure it counts as a date.

I spent most of my time in the children’s book section. I’m a writer, a preschool teacher, and a mom. Children’s literature is my happy place. With no boundaries, no rules. That’s where your imagination takes you to worlds no one has ever seen before. And that’s true for the writer, for the illustrator and the young reader. It’s like the three of them share a secret. Sometimes a writer comes up with a story so silly it almost makes no sense. Then an illustrator offers his or her own twists, adding unexpected details and features to the characters, breathing life into them. Finally, the result ends up in the hands of a child who giggles in delight and acts out all the silly things he just heard. That’s pure magic… Try reading “Dragons Love Tacos” to a whole class of 4-year-olds – you’ll know what I mean.

Barnes & Noble Storytime

Children love books. And if there’s a child who doesn’t, that’s because he hasn’t read the right one. There’s lots of advice and research on how to get your children to read, or rather, to love to read. My tip of the day is simple: expose them to lots of books. Thankfully, there are so many resources available, it really is a very simple thing to do. Go to the library, browse the free books online, check out a local bookstore. Barnes & Noble in Ridgeland is a great place to start. And take advantage of their regular storytime event at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. You can grab a cup of coffee while your little ones enjoy a story from the store’s collection of favorites. There’s a special craft and other activities afterwards, too. The whole thing takes about 30 minutes, and the best part is – it’s free!

Know & Go

What: Storytime

Where: Colony Park

1000 Highland Colony Pkwy Suite 3009
Ridgeland, MS 39157

When: Saturdays at 11 a.m.

To see the whole schedule of events or to find out more visit Barnes & Noble website.


January 13 – Paddington

Over 50 years ago, a small bear set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Since then, Paddington has charmed readers around the world with his earnest good intentions and humorous misadventures.

January 20 – You!

A life full of adventure first requires big dreams, and big dreams need big encouragement. From world-renowned author and artist Sandra Magsamen comes the new book You!, offering inspiration and hope to readers of all ages.

January 27 – Francy Nancy: Oodles of Kittens

Fancy Nancy returns in a story about felines, canines, and making new four-legged friends! Nancy’s new kitten meets her posh pup, Frenchy. Will her two pets ever get along? Will Nancy be able to love them both the same?

February 3 – I am Harriet Tubman

The 14th book in author Brad Meltzer’s bestselling Ordinary People Change the World series, I Am Harriet Tubman tells the story of Harriet Tubman’s pivotal role in the fight against slavery.

About The Author

Dasha Peipon

Dasha is originally from Ukraine (it’s in the heart of Europe, look it up on the map if you want!) and moved to Mississippi with her family in September 2017. Before that she lived in Massachusetts and Maryland. She guesses they have a thing for “M” states. She is a writer, an editor, a teacher and the type of mom that never sits still. Being part of Parents & Kids has been helpful for her goal of finding places to explore with her kids, getting plugged in and her family becoming true Mississippians.

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