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Author: Sherryl LaPointe

Kid Craft: Handmade Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day and Easter

Handmade greeting cards are appreciated by all recipients, whether family, teachers or friends. Whether given for Valentine’s Day or mailed in advance of Easter, with a little help from parents, pencil eraser-stamped greeting cards can be something to be proud of. We hope you enjoy this month’s simple craft activity!   Supplies: Blank cards and envelopes — available from both craft suppliers and stores such as Wal-Mart Tempera or acrylic paint New pencils with erasers, to be used as stamps — you will want one for each paint color Pencils to lightly pre-draw designs Valentine’s or Easter-themed cookie cutters...

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Kid Craft: Thanksgiving Placemats

If you have been following my articles here at P&K, you might know by now that I do not like children’s crafts to look like something only a mother (or grandmother) could appreciate. As usual, in order to accomplish such a look, a young child does need some help from adults or older siblings, but the older people should NOT do the work, only help. This month we will be making woven placemats. I will be giving directions for two variations. One is made with construction paper, and the other with ribbon. The technique will be almost the same,...

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Kid Craft: Cupcake Competition

I am going to share with you my absolute favorite activity to do at a birthday party with young peopleof any age decorating cupcakes It’s a perfect activity for kids from about three years old right on up to the teens. Plus, you can enjoy it, too. Unless you are having a slumber party and need an activity for the night before, I suggest that the cupcakes be made ahead, either by you or the local bakery.   Materials Cupcakes Frosting (several flavors and colors) I suggest just buying the pre-made, canned ones. Small (6”) paper plates — enough for...

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Kid Craft: Something Thoughtful for Mother

Two special notes before we really get started: 1. I want to give credit for much of this idea to one of the websites I follow: 2. MOTHER: If you are the one reading this, unless you are planning Mother’s Day gifts for the children to make for grandmother, STOP READING NOW. Give this page to someone else: an older child, or the father, in case they need an idea for a gift for you. Don’t worry; you’ll like it. Now for the directions: Supplies: A plain hand towel or dish towel in a light color, or white...

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Kid Craft: Painting Rocks

It’s April already and the weather is as undependable as can be, so I have planned an outdoor activity which is easy to move indoors if necessary.    Materials Clean Rocks (The sizes are up to you) Paints (I prefer acrylics for this project. You can buy small bottles fairly cheaply at Walmart or similar stores.)  Brushes Table covers if needed Clothing covers Spray Acrylic Paint to finish the work, especially if it is to be left outside for yard art. (This gives a nice sheen to any hard-surfaced artwork.) Activity The first step is to choose the rocks and...

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