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Author: Laura Walker

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Rachel was dating the local high school basketball star. Ian was charming, well-liked and handsome. He showered her with gifts. He told Rachel that she made him stronger and he was a better person for having her in his life. She stopped responding to her friends’ texts and her presence faded from social gatherings. “She’s with Ian,” they’d say. Entering her senior year, Rachel decided not to try out for the cheerleading squad after Ian said practices and games would interfere with their time together. The two became practically inseparable. When Rachel’s friends tried to include her in “girls...

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Keeping Happy in the Holidays

As we store away our Halloween costumes, and our Jack-o-lanterns are replaced with turkeys and harvest wreaths, we may find it harder to maintain focus. The magic of the holiday season brings plenty of distractions as our minds drift to holiday parties, Christmas shopping, end-of-year programs and visits to see family and friends. While the holidays can bring extra excitement, a lack of focus during this time can also leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Canopy Children’s Solutions therapist, Monica Roberts, offers insight on how to keep the holidays jolly for the whole family.    Create a countdown. Creating...

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Helping Children Thrive Through Classroom Adversity

There are many non-academic reasons children fail to thrive in school. For example, a child suffering from ADHD may have difficulty completing a required reading assignment for class. A child with autism may not be able to retain a class lecture because he is a visual learner. A child who is constantly sent out of class for being disruptive may suffer from behavioral health challenges. A child with classroom anxiety may have trouble completing a timed test. Today, 1 in 5 children experience a behavioral health disorder. While the challenges these children face may not be as easily seen...

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