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Author: Kara Bachman

Visit New Orleans for a Taste of Maritime History

The city of New Orleans — the birthplace of jazz — is about a five-hour drive from the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of the blues. As both places are home to some of the world’s most influential music, they share the common bond of both having a huge influence on the wider American popular culture. If you’ve never driven the five hours to introduce your kids to New Orleans, it makes for a great summer vacation. But this year, April is also an ideal time to take a weekend trip to explore the music, food and culture of the...

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The Family Pet: Coping with Loss of a Beloved Dog or Cat

Often, losing a family pet — whether due to old age or health issues — can be a tremendous blow to a family and cause lasting grief among adults as well as children. Pet “parents” might feel as if they have lost one of their “babies,” and children — who often relate to beloved pets as if they were special friends or confidantes — are often left with a sense of upheaval and loneliness. It’s never easy, but according to Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, there are things families can do to make the loss of a family dog, cat, rabbit,...

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Letter From The Editor: Delta Mar/Apr 2018

Parents: Now that spring is here, we’ve entered a season of freshness, renewal, and planning for the future. For many parents, that planning involves scheduling summer trips for the family and registering kids for summer camps. I’m grappling with these issues myself; we’re trying to decide whether or not to enroll my teenage daughter in a theater camp this summer, and whether or not to take a summer vacation. It’s not too early to plan for these things. In fact, the time is now, before your camp of choice is filled! Don’t let it sneak up on you. It’s...

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Is My Child Too Young for an Art Museum? 

Most parents understand the pros and cons of visiting art and history museums with tiny tots in tow. While hand-on children’s museums are a no-brainer, some think twice before bringing young kids to other types of arts spaces.   When visiting one of the many museums in Mississippi — such as the Walter Anderson Museum or the Ohr-O’Keefe, both on the coast; the B.B. King Museum in the Delta; the Lauren Rogers Museum in the Pine Belt; or the true centerpiece of the state’s art scene, the Mississippi Museum of Art — parents often worry: “Is my child mature...

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Letter From The Editor: January/February 2018

Parents: Winter’s here…brrr! Consider bundling up in warm coats and scarves, venturing out despite the cold, and taking in some of the wonderful things that are perfect family activities for winter.  A great example would be visiting a museum. Right in the Delta you’ll find places such as the B.B. King Museum, where it’ll be warm inside and will fill kids’ imaginations with wonder. In this issue, we give you advice –from places such as the B.B. King Museum and Mississippi Museum of Art — on how to make the most of your visit with kids in tow. Art and history are not just for adults!  Another great idea is visiting a zoo, such as the Jackson Zoo or Memphis Zoo. It’s the perfect time of year, as the cold temperatures make the animals come out of hiding and become active, unlike during warm months, when they tend to hide and remain still. Read a little about the Memphis Zoo in this issue of P&K.  We hope you have a wonderful winter!  Kara Bachman Managing...

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