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Author: Heather Gausline Tate

Spring Break Trips: Tried and True or Something New

After a cold winter, families are counting down the weeks until spring break for some vitamin D. It is not unusual for some to go to the same Gulf Beach condo every year, while others like to change it up occasionally. Although spring break is not considered a low season to travel, prices still tend to be less than summer months, especially for accommodations and airfare. This makes it a perfect time to head out on a family adventure.   Sand and Water   All-inclusive Caribbean resorts peak in price during January-April because everyone is trying to escape the cold. However, cruise prices are at their lowest during the January-February...

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Lights, Snow, and Ice: Spectacular Christmas Events

While some families romanticize being home for the holidays, the following Christmas events throughout the South will inspire North Mississippi families to take a holiday adventure. Beginning mid-November and continuing through New Year’s Eve, the dazzling lights and promise of a white Christmas will coax all kids at heart to trade in snuggling by the fire for some holiday fun! Zoo Lights Memphis, TN   The closest featured Christmas excursion is none other than the Memphis Zoo. For Northeast Mississippians who are accustomed to visiting this acclaimed zoo, they will see it in a different light…many of them, in fact. From the...

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Picking the Healthy Choice: Becoming Part of the Farm-to-Table Movement

Walking up and down the grocery aisles may not inspire kids to eat their fruits and veggies because it separates them from the process of growing foods. When children know where exactly from where their food comes, they are more likely to make healthy choices. Recently, Tupelo and surrounding areas have made a movement towards healthier food opportunities for families. Farmers’ markets, farms, and restaurants that buy from local farms are not only essential for providing delicious and healthy options, but also they strive to educate families about the process of growing nutritious foods. The Tupelo Farmers’ Depot is...

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Soccer Moms and Dance Dads: Balancing After-school Activities 

While academics usually take priority, parents want their kids to be well-rounded. Sports, music classes, civic organizations, and more can quickly fill up the family monthly calendar. For parents with multiple children, it can definitely feel like a juggling act trying to get each child to one or more practices and meetings a week. How do families encourage after-school involvement without sacrificing their sanity and family time? Many local families place clear limits on the amount of activities each child may participate in throughout the year. Other families split up the duties of drop-offs and pick-ups between each parent...

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Bring on the Boredom

The phrase, “I’m bored,” is considered taboo in modern households. Most parents cringe when they hear children and teens groan that they are bored. We feel like it is our responsibility to constantly entertain our kids and have made it our missions to fill their schedules with so many enriching activities from music classes to art to karate to every sport possible. These activities are not the problem, but in our busy culture we rush from one scheduled event to the next so that children are perplexed when faced with how to spend free time. Phones, TVs, tablets, and...

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