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Author: Parents & Kids Staff

Random Stuff That Rocks: Foundmi Bluetooth Tracker

Though little in size, this tracker is a big helper! How many times has your kid left his backpack or lunch bag on the bus stop or at school somewhere? Now you don’t have to wonder where to look for them. Trackers come in 20 popular Star Wars, DC and Marvel characters kids love so much, and have a loud ring that is impossible to miss. Let’s face it: our kids aren’t the only ones misplacing things. Bluetooth tracker connects to a smartphone, so if Mommy loses her phone, foundmi can reverse track it – even if it’s on...

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Random Stuff That Rocks: Squishy Human Body by Fat Brain Toys

This fun anatomy kit looks and feels so real! It is perfect for kids curious about the human body. It has touchable firm bones, muscles and squishy organs. The 12-inch clear body exterior makes it easy to put parts in place, see how closely they are connected and learn how they function together. Use the tweezers and forceps to practice your surgical skills, while trying to remove the 21 body parts. This super fun kit generates many questions. An excellent learning toy for a future scientist or a doctor!  $24.99 |...

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Random Stuff That Rocks: Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes

These building blocks are great for younger kids. They incorporate the basics of math, geometry and logical thinking into everyday play. Each cube has a geometric shape cutout: hexagon, pentagon, triangle, square or circle. This adds a challenge in connecting them, and makes the cubes more versatile for patterning activities. Use them for counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence. This set is an excellent tool to make math more engaging for children. $8.49 |...

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Random Stuff That Rocks: SmartGurlz

You might recognize SmartGurlz dolls from Shark Tank. It’s a revolutionary toy brand that creates self-balancing robots and action dolls, encouraging children to become programmers. Is your daughter interested in the latest tech? Or does she struggle with math concepts and how they apply to her own life? SmartGurlz helps children six years and older to see science, technology, engineering and math in a whole new and engaging light by teaching them the basics of coding. All you have to do is download the kid-friendly app SugarCoded on any smartphone or tablet. Now watch your doll do tricks and...

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Kermit the Frog is a Delta Child! Visit his Creek and Museum in Leland

April showers bring May flowers, and with the springtime sprinkles, there’s also sometimes the payoff of a rainbow. When many of us think of rainbows, we think of a favorite character of kids across the globe, Kermit the Frog. There’s something cute and oh-so-Mississippi about kermit with his gangly little legs, sitting on a log and strumming his sweet banjo. “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,” Kermit sings, “The lovers, the dreamers, and me.” Ah … it doesn’t get cuter than “The Rainbow Connection.” Did you know that Kermit the Frog was “born” in the Delta? As the...

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